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Griffin Capital Management Limited is an Investment Manager, which is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services (Collective Investment Schemes) Act 2011 and registered in Gibraltar with company registration number 82263. Renasset Select Funds plc is an open-ended umbrella investment company with variable capital incorporated with limited liability in Ireland under the Companies Acts 1963 to 2009 with registration number 282792, listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and authorised by the Financial Regulator in Ireland as an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities pursuant to the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations, Regulations, 2011, as amended and with segregated liability between Sub-Funds.




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As with any investment, there can be no guarantee that the tax position or proposed tax position prevailing at the time an investment in the Funds is made will endure indefinitely. Prospective investors should familiarise themselves with, and where appropriate, take advice on the laws and regulations (such as those relating to taxation and exchange controls) applicable to the subscription for and the holding and realisation of shares in the places of their citizenship, residence and domicile.


EU Savings Directive


Certain investors who are resident in an EU Member State or have identified themselves to the Funds by means of a passport or other identity card issued by an EU Member State may be required to provide additional information/documentation in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the EU Savings Directive (Directive 2003/48/EC) (the “EU Savings Directive”). Generally, such information should include the tax identification number of the applicant. Information obtained by or on behalf of the Funds for the purposes of the EU Savings Directive will be reported to the Irish Revenue Commissioners who may in turn report information relating to payments received by the relevant shareholder from the Funds to the taxation authority in the EU Member State in which the shareholder is resident.


Suitability of Investors


TThe Funds are registered for public distribution in Austria, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. This site is not aimed at non-professional and retail persons who are residents of any country, including the United States of America and South Africa, where the Funds referred to herein are not registered or approved for marketing and/or sale or in which the dissemination of information on the Funds or services is not permitted. It should be noted that none of the Funds referred to on this site are registered under the Securities Act 1933 of the USA and nor are they registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 of the USA; consequently, the Funds cannot be offered for sale or be sold in the USA, its territories, possessions or protectorates under its jurisdiction, nor to nationals, citizens or residents in any of those areas. Because of the risks involved, investment in the Funds is only suitable for professional and sophisticated investors deemed to possess the experience, knowledge and expertise to make their own investment decisions, who are able to bear the loss of a substantial portion or even all of the money they invest in the Funds, who understand the high degree of risk involved, believe that the investment is suitable based upon their investment objectives and financial needs and have no need for liquidity of investment. Investors are therefore advised to seek independent professional advice on the implications of investing in the Funds.


Investment Risk


Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of investments and any income derived from them may go down as well as up and the value of an investor's investment may be extremely volatile and be subject to sudden and substantial falls. The prices of securities and derivative instruments, including futures and options, may be highly volatile. Certain investment positions may be illiquid. The Funds may invest in securities of financially troubled companies, illiquid over-the-counter securities and non-publicly traded securities. Investment in emerging market funds involves risk factors and special considerations which may not be typically associated with investing in more developed markets. For a list of risk factors reference should be made to the relevant Offering Memorandum/Prospectus contained within this website.


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